Hikari Usanda
Hikari Usanda
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 144
Voiced by Kyoko Hikami (Japanese)
Joyce Chan (Hong Kong)
Gender Female
Species / Type Dekamimi
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Hikari Usanda (胡散田 ヒカリ Usanda Hikari) is a character in the Keroro Gunso anime.


Hikari is a mysterious alien disguised as a school girl enrolling at Natsumi's school. Natsumi Hinata began to investigate her, and later Hikari befriended Natsumi until she went back to her planet alongside Yamato and Fuchiko, after Pyonta's arrest.


She introduced herself as a new student, however Natsumi felt unimpressed about the ears on their heads. Natsumi couldn't stop following her until she revealed her alien form, which proved her suspicions true.


In her human form, her hair is brown with long pigtails. She wears yellow ribbons on her hair with long pink rabbit ears exposed on her head. Her eyes are sharp and cat-like, with magenta-colored pupils and segmented lines on her cheeks resembling whiskers.

Personality Edit

Hikari, unlike Yamato and Fuchiko, isn't shown to have a gluttonous appetite. Hikari tries her best to fit in with her fellow students, and she cares about Yamato and Fuchiko, as she tries to make them turn back into their human forms. She seems to also be very gracious to Natsumi.


Hikari's first name means light. While her last name, Usanda comes from the word, "Usansukai" which means means shady and Usanda which means Rice Field.

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