Hinata Residence: Returning Home de arimasu
日向家 里帰り であります
Season +
Air date August 18, 2006
Screenplay [[Screenplay::Masahiro Yokotani]] +
Storyboard [[Storyboard::Shinsaku Sasaki]] +
Direction [[Direction::Osamu Sekita]] +
Animation director [[Animation director::Toyoaki Fukushima]] +
Animation supervisor [[Animation supervisor::Satoshi Koike
Sayuri Sugito]] <span class="smwsearch" title='Search for other pages containing the property Animation supervisor with the value "Satoshi Koike
Sayuri Sugito"'>+</span>
Production assistance [[Production assistance::Dream Force]] +
This episode: Episode 123
Hinata Residence: Returning Home de arimasu
Tamama and the Tortoise de arimasu
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Hinata Residence: Returning Home de arimasu
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Hinata Residence: Returning Home de arimasu (日向家 里帰り であります Hinata-ke: Satogaeri, de arimasu) is the second part of the 123rd episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


It's time once again for the annual trip to Grandmother Akina Hinata's house, with the entire Keroro Platoon coming along this time. Something's been eating the eggplant charms that Akina's been laying out, but for some reason everyone sees a different culprit - the platoon moves out to investigate, and learn that they are dealing with an apparition which has the ability to turn into the greatest fear of whoever spots it. Kururu deduces that the 'ghost' is in fact a member of the Kawaaru alien race, which uses illusions of the target's fears as a defence mechanism, and Keroro gets the idea to trap it for his own purposes. Only when Akina pleads with them do they release it, allowing it to return home - but not before it uses its gift a little differently, allowing Akina to see someone she's missed for a very long time, her own grandmother.

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