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I am Sergeant Keroro, de arimasu
()(はい)ケロロ軍曹(ぐんそう) であります
Waga Hai ga Keroro Gunsou, de arimasu
Season +
English Funimation anime title Meet the Sergeant!
Air date April 3, 2004
English air date September 22, 2009
Screenplay Mamiko Ikeda +
Storyboard Junichi Sato +
Direction Yusuke Yamamoto +
Animation director Hiroko Oguri +
Asako Nishida +
Animation supervisor Fumitoshi Oizaki +
Production assistance Kiyoka Fukushima +
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I am Sergeant Keroro, de arimasutrue
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I am Sergeant Keroro, de arimasu (我が輩がケロロ軍曹 であります Waga Hai ga Keroro Gunsou, de arimasu) is the first part of the first episode of Keroro Gunso.

Synopsis Edit

Keroro’s invasion of Earth doesn’t go exactly as planned, and he ends up running a vacuum instead of ruling the planet. But hey, at least he gets his own room! (Synopsis provided by Funimation)


Keroro, an eccentric and blundering alien who came to destroy and conquer Earth, is now living as a slave under the roof of the Hinata Household. The mother, Aki Hinata, is an extremely busy and beautiful manga editor who rarely spends time with her teenage children: Fuyuki Hinata, a gentle-hearted and paranormal-loving son, and Natsumi Hinata, a sweet but hot-tempered daughter with extremely great athletic skills. She despises Keroro, while Fuyuki is intensely interested about him. After a few weeks of living with the Hinatas, Aki decides to give Keroro his own room, not tell him that it is rumored to be haunted by a ghost. She does this so she would have an idea on how aliens' rooms look like. Keroro uses the Kero ball, a device filled with many odd wonders, to decorate his room, which, much to Aki's dismay, looks like an ordinary room. The same Ghost mentioned by Aki appears, scaring Natsumi and Aki, followed by Keroro. As Fuyuki wonders what is going on.


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