Jel.osuy Ball in the air

The Jealousy Ball (嫉妬ボール Shitto Bōru) is a ball created when Tamama focuses all his jealousy into his hand. Tamama usually uses the Jealousy Ball when his Tamama Impact shows no effect.

In episode 58, Tamama originally used the Jealousy Ball as a way to beat Paul Moriyama, however Tamama realized he could only use the Jealousy Ball whenever Keroro or Angol Mois were shown together. Another downside is that whenever they are shown together, Tamama usually misdirects his attack, and has it hit him instead. Also, if Tamama is focused hard enough, he can control where the Jealousy Ball will land.

Also when Giroro and Tamama combine, the Jealousy Ball becomes extremely large and it is shown to be able to destroy entire walls.[1]


Tamam Jealousy Ball

Hyper Jealousy Ball Edit

Hyper Jealousy Ball (超・嫉妬玉 Chō shitto-tama) is an attack featured in Keroro RPG. It is Tamama's special move.

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