Ph 17q
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 162
Keroro Land Volume 10
Voiced by Junichi Sugawara
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Former Keron Army Soldier
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Joriri (ジョリリ) is a character in Keroro Gunso and also appears in Keroro Land volume 10.

Every time he is about to give advice, he gets a footstool, puts his foot on it, and rubs his chin with his thumb and index finger.



Joriri is a good friend of Keroro and always tries to help him, although failing most of the time. Once, when Keroro was younger, he tried to live with him and his carefree life, but it was a torture. Joriri's carefree lifestyle seems to have influenced Keroro in the present day.


When Dororo was younger, he idolized Joriri the most out of everyone in the group, as he was the only one that could comprehend the meaning behind Joriri's advices. In the present day, Dororo's habit of reading too deeply into everything seems to be Joriri's influence.


Giroro was one of his friends. Like everyone else in the group, he appeared to idolize him when he was younger.


Pururu was one of his friends. Like everyone else in the group, she appeared to idolize him when she was younger. In the present day, they are mistaken to have a romantic relationship by the Keron HQ.

Termite QueenEdit

The Termite Queen fell in love with him and she is seen along with him at the end of episode 198. Joriri openly accepts her love and allows her to fawn over him.


  • He is a day trader
  • Joriri seems to love noodles as he is seen eating them in episode 180
  • In one episode, he joined the Keronian army, mistaking the recruitment line for the line at the Ramen Restaurant. Strangely, he knew more about the Keroro Platoon's base than Tamama did.


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