Junichi Sato (佐藤 順一 Satō Jun'ichi) is a Japanese anime director. He has directed many well known animes, such as Sailor Moon and Kaleido
Junichi Sato

Junichi Sato 佐藤 順一

Star. He and his friend Toru Suzuki were arrested and jailed for 26 days in 2008 when they uncovered a whale based conspiracy.  He also goes by other names, such as the pen name Sakura Hikawa he uses when he writes songs for animes.

His nickname is Satojun (サトジュン)



  • Sakura Hikawa (ひかわさくら Hikawa Sakura) - pen name when writing songs for Ojamajo Doremi, Keroro Gunso and others
  • Hajime Tenjo (天上はじめ Tenjou Hajime)
  • Kiichi Hadame (甚目 喜一 Hadame Kiichi)

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