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Kagege (カゲゲ) is the assassin of the Shurara Corps, appearing in Keroro Land and Keroro Gunso. He is the leader of the Kagege Platoon in Anokoro Keroro Gunso.


Kagege is a white Keronian with blue and purple flames. He wears a violet scarf. His left eye has a blue cross. His shadow is in the form of large blue flames with his missing left blue eye with a white cross.


Kagege has the ability to control the shadows of his victims, putting their shadows against them, as seen in episode 202. The shadows have the same strengths and weaknesses as their owners. The shadow replicas can be destroyed by destroying the light source given to cast them in the first place. He was the one to originally create the shadow assassin tricks used by Jirara.


His creator's name is Chitose-San from the Art submission.


Kagege's name is derived from the Japanese word for 'shadow', "kage" ().


  • In the Spanish translation, he's name was changed to "Zagege", because "Kage" is a bad word in Spanish.