Mr.Kappa sillouette
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 46
Voiced by Keiko Han (Japanese)
Todd Haberkorn (Funimation)
Aliases Mr. Kappa
Gender Male
Species / Type Kappa (Disguise, Anime), Keronian (Manga)
Occupation Team Keron Platoon Leader
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Kappa (カッパ), also known as Mr. Kappa, is a character featured in the Keroro Gunso franchise. He was a creature that was being protected by Omiyo, in the past.


Kappa is first mentioned by Omiyo after she brings Natsumi Hinata and Keroro to her past. It's revealed that Omiyo protected the Kappa from her fellow villagers and she was then thrown into jail to rot.The Kappa came back to rescue to Omiyo, in return for her saving him, and he then left a headpiece shaped like the top of a kappa. When Keroro put the headpiece on Omiyo began "Passing Over", as her wish was to see the Kappa one last time, until Keroro was blasted by Koyuki Azumaya's evil be gone beam and the headpiece broke, this may suggest that Kappa was actually an ancient Keronian.

In the manga, Mr. Kappa is mentioned to have actually been a Keronian invader, by Namumu, and he was the leader of Team Keron.



Omiyo found Kappa beaten up in a cave near her hometown, where she decided to help him. Later on the villagers in her village went to kill the Kappa. Omiyo, however, protected him. She was later put into jail, and left to rot, until the Kappa decided to repay the favor for Omiyo saving his life, and set her free. The Kappa soon left, hoping Omiyo would meet another Kappa and be friends with him. Omiyo and the Kappa might be Partners, due to there close relationship.


It is possible that Keroro is Kappa's descendent, as he appears to remind Omiyo of him after putting on the kappa headgear.

Etymology Edit

The etymology is from the name "Kappa". A Kappa is like a mystical Japanese creature thing. They are supposed to be like elfs and they go around haunting people and causing mischief. To see a photo of one here.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr Kappa makes an appearance in Opening 4.
  • According to Namumu, Kappa was actualy the leader of Team Keron, a Keronian platoon sent to Pekopon way back when.

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