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First appearance Episode 65 (anime)
Volume 11 (manga)
Voiced by Junko Noda
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
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Karara (カララ) is a character in Keroro Gunso.


Karara is the daughter of the head of the big Dobaba Industries (similar to Momoka Nishizawa to Nishizawa Corporation).



  • Eyes: Big and shiny, similar to Tamama's 
  • Eye color: turquoise
  • Body color: lime green
  • Symbol: A yellow circle with a line through it
  • Cap is purple with round points on it
  • Karara has a tail


Between her appearances, Karara's love always switches its object from one to the other relatively easily, and so she has fallen in love with every Keroro Platoon member one by one. This is usually triggered whenever one of them saves her life, and when she does, she completely forgets about her past love and is very obese. She first comes to Earth being mistaken for a boy and thought to be sent to join the Keroro Platoon, and is taken under Tamama's wing, ranked Private Third Class[RANKS] for a short while. After realizing that she only came to Earth because she got lost in her father's special space vehicle, Tamama has Kururu fix it up so she can go back to Keron. Shortly after her leave, they realize that she is a girl from a paper wish that she wrote saying that she will become Tamama's bride.She came back next and fall in love with Kururu.

Karara cries

From then on she repeatedly came back to Earth in attempts marry the members of the Keroro Platoon.

In episode 77, she came back to marry Tamama. Tamama made many desperate attempts to make her hate him and go back to Keron but failed. At sunset Karara's papa came to take her home but at that moment Tamama thought that maybe they were meant to be together and tried to protect her. However, Tamama's impact was no use against Karara's papa's heavy-type ship. Before Karara's papa could grab her, Kururu used a cannon to protect them. Karara then fell in love with him. Karara said that she was going back to Keron with her papa to train to be Kururu's wife.
In episode 94, She came back for Kururu with her childhood friend, Taruru. Since this time she'd asked for her father's permission, Keroro told Tamama to watch them but they ran off. They wander around the base and cause all sorts of trouble. Everyone looked for them and with help from Karara's training to be Kururu's wife unlocked them the secret weapon but ended up blowing it up with Dororo having to save them and thus she ended up falling in love with Dororo. This episode was loosley based on Karara's debut appearance in the manga, in which she and her sister Chiroro escaped from elementary school to meet the Keroro platoon, as they had heard of thier victory against the Garuru platoon.

In episode 121, she came back to marry Dororo, this time with her twin sister (who went through ninja training with her), Chiroro (who appears in every other Karara - centric episode from then on). They went to Dororo's house when Viper came to get revenge dressed up like Dororo. Eventually becoming annoying with thier childish antics, he discarded his disguise and ran away, the two of them following suit. The real Dororo found Karara during the chase and discovered that she had come with her sister, who she had separated from while they were chasing Viper. Worried that Chiroro may have been kidnapped by Viper, the two set off to look for her (Keroro orders the rest of his platoon to help out as he beleivs that Karara was the one who was kidnapped, and beleives he will recieve a cash reward from her father if he saves her). Unable to shake Chiroro off, Viper decides to play along and assigns her 'homework' he beleives to be impossible, only to have her complete it in front of him Being reminded of the son he once had, Viper grows attached to her and promises to 'teach' her. The Keroro Platoon and Karara found the two of them at Alien Street. discovering that Karara was not the one who had been kidnapped caused Keroro to dress like Viper and have the platoon save her for the reward from her dad. Chiroro begged Viper to save her and he did. Giroro caught Karara and she fell in love with him.

In episode 135, she came back because she was running away from Nagomi and to marry Giroro, in a twist of events she ended up falling for Keroro.

In episode 180, she came back to marry Keroro, making an all-out war between her and Tamama. Mois broke up the fight and Karara went back home, promissing she'd be back to marry Keroro.

She has appeared in the anime in episodes 65, 77, 94, 121, 135 and 180.


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