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First appearance Keroro Land Volume 37
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian robot
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Keii (ケイイ) is a character in Keroro Land.


Keii is a reddish orange Keronian wearing an orange cap with headphones and cat-like points with red rings and hair-like appendages resembling to Kururuko and gray hair bands. She wears a black collar with blue spheres and white gloves with red rings. Her tail possess a red veil on it and unique green eyes resembling a heart monitor. Her symbol is three blue rectangles resembling the sounds of the dubstep radio. The heart on her tongue can be clearly seen when her mouth opens.


  • Keii's name most likely comes from Visual Kei, a type of Japanese punk rock music. This can be seen by Keii's appearance and the music bars as her signs.
  • Keii holds a similar appearance to Kururuko, Kururu's human form.


Keii's Orikero entry with her creators name compete with a full turn design sheet.

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