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The Keron☆Star ( ケロンスター, Keron Sutā) is the symbol of the Keron Army as well as its commanding officers. Among all the leaders in the Keron Army, only few are chosen to wear this mark.

A shining symbol of glory, the Star lends its own dignity to the user. This can create a aura of such charisma that it causes intense feelings of admiration and obedience of everyone who is in the presence of the Star bearer.

The Keron Star also holds the data of the Keron Army's Secret Military Archive, within which the entire history of the Keron Army is stored. To know how to access the Archive, is to have access to a range of powerful abilities. This includes the ability to have absolute authority and command, as well as the ability to use powers from before the Space Warfare Treaty, powers from the the time called the Age of Destruction.

The creation of a Keron Star is a military secret, and thus it is currently impossible to reproduce or erase a Keron Star. However, the data within the Star can be removed and stored elsewhere, as seen in New Keroro's case.

Users Edit

  • Keroro - The main user seen with the Keron Star. When he was younger, Keroro wore a fake Keron Star, aspiring to one day receive the real thing. It is supposed to give Keroro's fellow platoon members a sense of respect for Keroro, but the effect is nullified by Keroro's inherent lack of character.
  • Shurara/Shirara - When Shurara was younger he was the user of the Keron Star. Also he runs the Shurara Corps, a group which intend to steal the Keron Star from Keroro to break his platoon.
  • Neko- In Volume 14, Chapter 120 of the manga, Neko stole Keroro's Keron Star, and ends up getting on herself. The effect was intense, even making everyone salute her as a reaction to her mewing. Using the Animal-To-Soldier gun, Kururu turned gave her human, and the platoon accepted her as their leader. As per her instructions, even Dororo participated in capturing Natsumi Hinata, who had also commented on the sudden efficiency of the platoon.
  • Shin Keroro- Shin is seen wearing the Keron Star as well, but this one contains special abilities called "Styles" created by the Keron Army (as seen in the manga Volume 23 as a flashback), to use them during battles. It is also shown that Black★Star also intended on stealing Shin's Keron Star for unknown reasons.

Trivia Edit

  • When whatever the Keron Star is mentioned, a ☆ symbol is used as well, either placed right before or after the word 'Star', or at the end of the sentence.
  • It is still unknown what qualities one must have to be granted the Star.
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