Keroro's Grandfather
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 20–B
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Possible retired Keron Army Soldier
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Keroro's Grandfather (ケロロの祖父 Keroro no sofu) is a minor character in Keroro Gunso. He is Keroro's Grandfather.

He is an elderly Keronian who had gone to Pekopon in the past, although it is not clear what his purpose was. When Keroro was a child, he used to call Pekopon's inhabitants "Nontruma" and the younger Keroro initially assumed that it was just another name for Pekopon's inhabitants. Later on however, Keroro realizes that the Nontruma are actually a separate species then Pekoponians.


He was never shown in the manga, only mentioned, but he had a brief participation in the anime, appearing in one of Keroro's memories. He is shown to have green skin with a tone identical to Keroro's and wear a dark and long winter coat, covering most of his arms and part of legs. His head was never shown.


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