Keroro's Mother
Keroro's mother
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 4 Encounter 35: I am you and you are me(cameo)

Keroro Gunso Volume 18 Encounter 0: Methinks 'tis time to sally forth!(actual debut)
Keroro Gunso Episode Kero 0: Depart! Assembly of Everyone!!

Voiced by Sachiko Chijimatsu (Japanese)
Vivien Lau (Hong Kong)
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Housewife
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Keroro's Mother (ケロロの母 Keroro no haha) is a character in the Keroro Gunso Franchise.

She is the caring mother of Keroro and the wife of Keroro's Father. She makes a minor background appearance early in the manga, but only would make her full appearance years later appears in Kero 0: Depart! Assembly of Everyone!! and its manga version.

Story Edit

Her first chronological appearance is in Kero 0: Depart! Assembly of Everyone!!. When Keroro wakes up, she is seen giving her husband a drink and when Keroro runs off to the airport she reminds him to wear scarves as to prevent him from catching a cold. She later sits down next to her husband, worrying about her son as she questions her husband's large expectations for him.


Personality Edit

Keroro's Mother is very social and kind. She cares extremely for her son and her husband. According to the anime, her best friend is Obaba. In the manga, she's shown to understand Keroro's personality better than Keroro's Father, and notes that both are similar.

In the anime, she's easily fooled by Keroro's attempts to promote himself, although she is very understanding even after his farce is revealed. She also has a habit of wandering around without saying where she is going.

Appearance Edit

She has curly and black hair. She has no symbol on her belly and also wears a light pink apron.

In a picture showing her slightly younger, alongside Chibi Keroro, she's shown with brown hair and a scarf rather than the apron.


  • Keroro's Mother's hair style is likely a reference to the mother from Atashin'chi, which features Kumiko Watanabe voicing the mother.
  • Sachiko Chijimatsu, Keroro's Mother VA, was known for having voiced Pyonkichi, the titular character from The Gutsy Frog, an older mascot frog character.
  • In the 276th episode, Keroro's Mom switches bodies with Natsumi and wanders off sightseeing Earth in Natsumi's body. When Giroro finally finds her, Keroro's mother convinces Giroro to go on a date with her, rather than fixing things at once. She initially treats Giroro as a child, but by the end of the episode seems to be blushing while cheering for Giroro who was fighting. Of course, these events aren't brought up again.
  • Her cheering for Giroro in episode 276b(Guts! Guts! Guts! Giroro!) was a reference to a similar cheering repeated several times by Pyonkichi due to the VA connection. However, during this scene, she was actually voiced by Chiwa Saito, since she got Natsumi's voice alongside her body.


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