Keroro★Pop Star (Album)
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For the main theme song, see Keroro Popstar

Keroro★Pop Star (ケロロ★ポップスター Keroro★Poppusutā) is the main album for the Keroro (Flash Series). Most of the tracks were made by SuperSweep, and they include the background tracks for the Flash Series.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Keroro Pop Star
  2. Twirly-Whirly Kekkeroke
  3. Tamama's Candy World
  4. Turn Around, and There's Corporal Giroro
  5. A Corporal Giroro Kind of Mood
  6. Go, Go, Giroro!
  7. Kururu's I Made a Thing!
  8. Dororo Appears!
  9. Our Sergeant Keroro!
  10. A Mysterious Invader
  11. Progression of A Terrifying Plan
  12. Progression of A Pleasant Plan
  13. Kero-Entry
  14. Fun Times At The Hinata House
  15. Things are Kero-Bad
  16. Everything's Going Smoothly Today, Yes Sir
  17. New Keroro is Unmatched
  18. Huh The Stars Are Streaming
  19. Womanly Strength!
  20. Eye Catch
  21. I Want To Kero-Explain
  22. Jekyll And Hyde Other Tamama
  23. Da-Na-Na-Na-Na
  24. Kero-Quick
  25. Kero-Fracas
  26. Something Dreadful Appears
  27. Kero-Idle
  28. Fanfare A.
  29. Kero-Clear
  30. Fanfare B.
  31. Fanfare C.
  32. Fanfare D.
  33. All's Well That Ends Well
  34. Just A Jingle, Yes Sir
  35. Until Next Time!
  36. To Be Continued, Yes Sir!

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