Keroro: Critcal Point Breached, de arimasu
ケロロ 危険臨界点突破 であります
Keroro: Kiken Rinkaiten Toppa, de arimasu
Season +
English Funimation anime title Amphibian on the Verge of a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!
Air date April 17, 2004
Screenplay Kuniaki Kasahara +
Storyboard Shigeki Takagi +
Yusuke Yamamoto +
Direction Shigeki Takagi +
Animation director Yumiko Ishii +
Animation supervisor Fumitoshi Oizaki +
Production assistance Do Yuho +
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Keroro: Critcal Point Breached, de arimasutrue
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Keroro: Critcal Point Breached, de arimasu (ケロロ 危険臨界点突破 であります Keroro: Kiken Rinkaiten Toppa, de arimasu) is the first part of the 3rd episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


It is now Spring and The Hinata's House is calm, until a terrible smell interrupts this peace. The smell is coming from Keroro and Tamama knows what's causing it - Keroro is getting overly stressed, and he's reaching his critical point. It's a mystery how he got so worked up when all he does most of the day is laze around. Being cooped up in the house seems to be part of the problem, so maybe some fresh air will help - but how can an alien bent on world domination take a quiet walk without being spotted? Luckily, Fuyuki, Natsumi and Tamama have many solutions including: riding in Fuyuki's backpack, disguising Leroro as a watermelon and as a human using the Pekoponian Suit and an alien plant that causes hallucinations.


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