Keroro: That Treasured Summer de arimasu
ケロロ 夏の宝物 であります
Keroro: Natsu no Takaramono, de arimasu
Season +
Air date August 25, 2006
Screenplay Masahiro Yokotani +
Storyboard Shuuji Iuchi +
Direction 横田和善 +
Animation director 山崎輝彦 +
若野哲也 +
Animation supervisor Satoshi Koike +
Production assistance 遊歩堂 +
This episode: Episode 124
Keroro: That Treasured Summer de arimasu
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Keroro: That Treasured Summer de arimasu
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Keroro: That Treasured Summer de arimasu (ケロロ 夏の宝物 であります Keroro: Natsu no Takaramono, de arimasu, lit. Keroro: Treasured Item of Summer) is the 124th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.



Keroro, Giroro and Dororo remember the journey to the Doinaka when they were children. It all started when the arrest of a Viper is announced in the news, while his loot was never recovered - prompting the group to go on a 'treasure hunt'. They stow away on an intergalactic train, and make friends with a very old Viper, who's not only familiar with the planet, but gives them a 'code'. Our heroes land on the Doinaka planet, and the hunt begins...

Our heroes encounter one obstacle after another, usually due to Keroro's questionable leadership ability. Giroro gets fed up and abandons the quest, then realizes they are in for a long wait as the next train home arrives in about 3 years. The 'code' that the old Viper is actually the same as the train schedule. Zeroro (now Dororo) is forced to head back into the forest to recover the Type G combat rations - just as a freight train, not listed in the passenger train schedule, stops at the train station for refueling. Giroro and Keroro immediately rush into the forest to find Zeroro, only to flee for their lives as a Space Cerberos starts chasing them. Unfortunately the freight train is already leaving the platform, and Giroro is forced to use the lanyard for his prized Galactic Express membership card to pull Zeroro on board. The lanyard breaks and the card is lost... but Keroro in present time is leading a trip back to the Doinaka planet, which over the years has turned into a tourist spot exactly like Doinaka beach, down to the Swimsuit Beauty Standup contest and the knockoff Dangal model kits to be won. Giroro went back to the railroad tracks, hoping to find his membership card. He was surprised to find Dororo there, who has the same thoughts. Giroro said that it is okay, since he gained a treasure that is more important.

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  • This is the 1st time Natsumi and Fuyuki do not appear in first 30 minutes episode.
  • This was Viper (old) 1st time to be shown in a episode


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