Keroro: Two Persons are One, Kerorome, de arimasu
ケロロ 二人が一人ケロロ〜ム!
Keroro: Futari ga Hitori Keroro~mu! de arimasu
Season +
Air date December 26, 2009
Screenplay Hiroaki Kitajima +
Storyboard 古田丈司 +
Direction 古田丈司 +
Animation director Takuro Shinbo +
高瀬健一 +
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Keroro: Two Persons are One, Kerorome, de arimasu (ケロロ 二人が一人ケロロ〜ム! であります Keroro: Futari ga Hitori Keroro~mu! de arimasu) is the first part of the 295th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.



It all starts when the Sergeant was cleaning the mechas to the new year clean, remembering the combination of God Keron, so he had a new idea for the invasion of Pekopon, combining the skills of each platoon member, to create the ultimate warrior to conquer Pekopon, with the help of an invention called "Keron Synchron-System" an invention with the ability to merge two subjects and combine their skills, he decided to first try fusing with Tamama, causing a fusion absurd Keronian each half done with them, where "Kero-Tama" opted to test his new powers with Natsumi, with its increased opted to throw a super Tamama impact, but the ruling aim and all he got was cooking dinner to perfection.

With the combination of kero-Tama failed, Keroro deceive Giroro to merge with him (Although even Giroro does not exceed what happened in episode 15), creating the fusion "Kero-Giro" with his deadly weapons skills increased, Kero-Giro opted to try attacking Natsumi again, but also Natsumi reminded of the previous fusion and use the "burning Storm" of Kero-Giro to cook the dinner again.

With a new fusion failed, Keroro opted to merge with Kururu, creating the "Kero-Kuru" form, with its increased the maximum intelligence, Kero-Kuru created the "if i can make a wish"gun, a gun that grants wishes, but instead of granting the wish of Keroro to conquer Pekopon, granted the wish of Kururu, serving Curry with the dinner.

Without any other to merge with him, Keroro merged with Dororo, creating the "Kero-Doro" form, used his technique of duplication to create an army to conquer Pekopon, but it turned out that only clones were doing housework as Keroro and Dororo.

Now merged with all the rest of the squad opted to leave out Keroro and fuse with themselves. Tamama and Giroro created the "Tama-Giro" form, with the jealousy of each to the maximum level; and Kururu and Dororo created the "Kuru-Doro", creating a horrible combination of Kururu`s sadism and Dororo`s trauma. 

Until every merger came up with the idea of ​​re-fused to become even stronger, after the transformation Natsumi and Fuyuki remained were terrified to see a terrifying fusion (yet ridiculous) of all members of the Keroro platoon, more powerful than ever, but had a major flaw in the fusion, the process of fusion, Keroro put middle, blending well, what her legs which were part of the fusion, and instead of conquering Pekopon, the Keroro`s comedian spirit reached an extreme level, making all slip with a banana peel again and again.


  • The events in this episode are a parody of Kamen Rider W.
  • Mois is absent in this episode.
  • Warrior Kero Robo made a cameo appearance in this episode.


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