Keroro Gunso: Kero and Typing 2 de arimasu!
Kero and typing 2 de arimasu box art
The Box Cover
Genre Typing Game
Publisher Sunrise Interactive, Media Kite
Rating 2/5 [1]
Platform Windows (98/2000/XP)
Released March 10, 2006
License Mine Yoshizaki / Kadokawa Shoten Sunrise TV Tokyo · NAS


Series Keroro Gunso (Anime)
System requirements 384MB memory storage or more
Price 4980¥ (Plus Tax)
Sound Direct Sound 5.2 or later

Keroro Gunso: Kero and Typing 2 de arimasu! (ケロロ軍曹ケロっとタイピング2であります! Keroro gunsō kerot to taipingu 2 de arimasu!) is a typing game based on the anime, Keroro Gunso.


The game has two playable modes: Story Mode and Free Battle Mode. It's difficulty can be changed so all audiences from children to hardcore fans can enjoy. The main goal is to defeat each of the Keroro Platoon by attacking them with typing. After you defeat each member, you can level up.

Story ModeEdit

The objective is to type within the time limit and go through all 8 stages, if you are successful Keroro (the main player) will get to attack his enemies (other members of the Keroro Platoon), if the player fails, the enemy attacks Keroro. You are able to perform death blows and combos as well.

Free Battle ModeEdit

You play through the same stages as Story Mode, but instead of playing only with Keroro, you can play as any of the Keroro Platoon members and challenge any of the members as well At the end of each stage, you can earn a new wallpaper.

Voice ActorsEdit

Keroro - Kumiko Watanabe
Tamama - Etsuko Kozakura
Giroro - Jōji Nakata
Dororo - Takeshi Kusao
Kururu -Takehito Koyasu



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