Keroro Platoon (ARMPIT Platoon in anime)

The Keroro Platoon (ケロロ 小隊 Keroro Shoutai) is the main group in the series Keroro Gunso. The Keroro platoon is also known as the special tactics platoon of the space invasion division of the Keron Army, otherwise known as the ARMPIT Platoon in the Funimation dub is composed of only five members.

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Many other Keronians and Pekoponians have been temporarily part of the Platoon, including Angol Mois, Pururu, and Karara. Although, they aren't technically apart of the platoon, either having different intentions, joining a different platoon, or just not being qualified.





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  • The Keroro Platoon, ranked Class F, has defeated the Garuru Platoon, which ranked class A.
  • In Episode 157 the platoon is shown to like getting shots in their butts, shouting,"Oh Yes."
  • It is the only platoon without any Keronian females in it.
  • Shin Keroro, out of all the platoons, chose to inherit the Keroro Platoon's powers.

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