Keroro Robo (ケロロロボ) is Keroro's personal mecha/combat robot that is modeled after him.


First introduced in Episode 52, the Keroro Robo was built for Keroro to aid Tamama in Momoka Nishizawa's "abduction". Along with the Kururu Robo, they destiny were the first two robots introduced before all members of the platoon received one in Episode 156 A. The Keroro Robo serves as the torso component for Great Keron after all robots are combined. After it's destruction in Episode 202 by Great Shurara during the Great Keron formation, a second robot,

Keroro Robo Mk. II (ケロロロボ Mk.II Keroro Robo Maku Tsu) was released as a back-up unit, secretly made by Kururu when the Great Keron was out of commission.

Other Models

Other models are also shown to have existed. During the destiny reign of the platoon's copy robots in Episode 104, they piloted a clone Keroro-shaped mecha that transformed into a combat robot named

Keroro Robo No. 2 (ケロロロボ2号 Keroro Robo Nigo) . During the second movie, the Keroro platoon and their allies destiny tried to rescue Natsumi and Giroro from Maru and Meru. While Keroro and Fuyuki infiltrated Maru's castle, Momoka and the others diverted most enemies to keep them busy by riding the

Keroro Robo G (ケロロロボG Keroro Robo Ji) .


Keroro Robo

One of the Keroro platoon's combat robots, it was created with the Kururu Robo as the first two robots before all members of the platoon received one. Keroro would dock in the cockpit on the top of the robot's head. It's main armament is a machine gun, a shield and a 1000-tonne hammer. It was among the five mechas that were autopiloted by Kururu in an attack on Tororo's hideout during the Garuru Platoon's invasion.

Keroro Robo No. 2

Piloted by the Copy Robots, this mecha was shown armed with a drill on its right hand. Other armaments remain unknown at this time, as the mechas were destroyed.

Robot Mode

Vehicle Mode

Keroro's second combat robot. When Natsumi was captured and forced to become Maru's bride, Momoka piloted the jet and Kururu and Mois controlled its guns to divert enemies. In robot mode, the guns are able to turn into a huge hand but can be ejected to have normal sized ones in replacement.

Robot Mode

Jet Mode

After the first Keroro Robo's destruction, God Keron was sent to combat the gigantic Keromet. While trying to rescue Shirara, God Keron was separated into five robots, and among them were Keroro Robo Mk. II, piloted by Keroro. Like the original, it wields a machine gun and a shield. It can also transform into a jet.

Based off of the original Keroro Robo, KAP-001 is used by Keroro in the mobile game, Keroro x Summons Board as an attack mode.


  • Some of the Keroro Robo's designs were taken from Gundam Mobile Suits, particularly out of Keroro's interest in Gundam.
  • It is designed similarly to the Astro Boy(Mighty Atom, Iron Arm Atom).
  • Keroro Robo Mk.II and God Keroro appear in the crossover game Super Robot Wars: Operation Extend for the PSP.
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