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Administrators, also called sysops, are wiki users with more privileges than normal wiki users. Bureaucrats are administrators who can grant normal users administration privileges.

See w:c:help:Help:User access levels for information on administrators, bureaucrats, what they do, and their differences between normal users.

All administrators on this wiki have different coloured usernames to help you recognise them.

Administration Information

Bureaucrat and Sysop: Urere

Administrator: Cirno2019
Administrator: NeonZ

Administrator: Rose Is A Ninja

Past Administration Information

Community Founder: RingedSemi on 7 October 2007.

Bureaucrats and Sysop: Koisuru
Bureaucrats and Sysop: DesuMasuta
Bureaucrats and Sysop: Atlanta-hammy
Bureaucrats and Sysop: Ringed-Semi
Sysop: CopperPuru27
Bureaucrats and Sysop: Urere

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