Read more on user access levels at w:c:help:Help:User access levels.

  • Users - thos who have registered in this Wikia (or on any other Wikia).
  • Autoconfirmed users - Users who are at least four days old; they are given a few additional rights such as moving pages.
  • Rollback - Users who have access to rollback features that quickly undoes vandalism.
  • Sysops or Administrators - Users who have elevated rights such as being able to edit protected pages, delete pages, and others.
  • Bureaucrats - Administrators who can grant other users adminship.
  • Bots - Automated 'users'.
  • Janitors - experienced Wikians who have admin access in all Wikia.
  • Helpers - contractors and volunteer interns working for Wikia. They also have admin access in all Wikia.
  • Check Users or CheckUsers - Users who have checkuser access can see which IP address are associated with a username, and the other way around.
  • Oversight - Users who have oversight access can delete almost permanently any page revision.
  • Staff - employees of Wikia. They have full access in all Wikia.

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