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Welcome to the Keroro Wiki, a wiki on the Keroro series by Mine Yoshizaki. Led by Sargeant Keroro, a platoon of five Keronians try to invade Pekopon (Earth!). However, the platoon of five ends up making friends in Inner Tokyo, and their plans of invasion become stuck up indefinitely.

Serialization of the manga started in 1999, running in Shonen Ace, and it still continues today up to a total of 31 volumes. In 2004, the manga was turned into the anime Keroro Gunso, which itself sprung out seven movies. In 2014, a new Flash Animation version of Keroro was released. Find the official website at


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Angol Mois (アンゴル=モア) (Angoru Moa, known as Angol Moa in the manga) is a major character in Keroro Gunso who is portrayed as the "King of Terror".



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Afro Gunsou (アフロ軍曹) (Afuro Gunsou) (literally, Afro Sargeant), by DANCE☆MAN, is the 1st Ending theme of the anime Keroro Gunso. It is used from episode 1 to 18, and again from episodes 27 to 40.


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