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Keroro x Monster Hunting Big Game Hunting (ケロロ x モンハン 大狩猟クエスト Keroro x monhan dai shuryō kuesuto) was a special collaboration event between the series Keroro Gunso and the mobile game Monster Hunter Big Game Hunting QuestThe cards were drawn by Mine Yoshizaki.

Event Overview Edit

The collaboration lasted from the 2nd of April to the 23rd of April in 2015. The event ended at 14:59 (2:49 PM). The crossover's plot is basically about the Keroro Platoon "temporarily" invading the game, and accidentally dragging Natsumi Hinata into the game as well.

Event Summary Edit

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Natsumi confronting Keroro, and stating she'll protect Karudopia Kingdom.

The Event summary states that to have unlocked the quest, you would have to download the game's app, press the down button at the castle that will take you to the tutorial and the transition of said castle, After that, you will see something labelled "Quest Orders" and upon clicking it you would have seen the Keroro Collaboration banner.

Event Story Edit

The Keroro Platoon land in Karudopia Kingdom, thanks to one of Kururu's Inventions, and Keroro decides that they should invade the kingdom. However, Kururu's invention has also transported another being: Natsumi Hinata. The Keroro Platoon members scatter, leaving Keroro and Natsumi alone, and Natsumi vows to protect the kingdom from Keroro. Natsumi then turns into a Hunter card. Kururu states that the fact Natsumi joined the game as a hunter card is odd, and Giroro comments that with such a card in hand it might get harder to fight, but they should continue the invasion.

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