Kiko Katoyama
Kiko Katoyama
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 268
Voiced by Chisa Yokoyama (Japanese)
Aliases President Kiko Katoyama
Age 17-21 (Estimation)
Gender Female
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation Lowest Sergeant (Keron Army; Former)

Character Designer & Mechanic

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Kiko Katoyama (カト矢マキ子 Katoyama Kiko ) is a character in the Keroro Gunso Franchise.

Character Edit

Kiko was first seen in Episode 268, when the Keroro Platoon were on the ship to Pekopon. Kiko heard Keroro, and quickly thought it was Nobibi. Afterwards she was soon confronted by Giroro and Zeroro. Kiko, thinking she was being chased quickly went into an escape pod, bringing along Keroro, Zeroro, and Giroro.

She was soon confronted by the platoon, Kiko soon explained that she was waiting for Nobibi. Keroro, angered by a certain rank difference between him and Nobibi stated that he had the Kero Ball, which soon turned into Ketsubakuchiku. Kiko was amazed at Ketsubakuchiku, but soon fell into sadness over Nobibi. Later on she was the one that helped Keroro, Giroro, and Zeroro escape the planet. And she saved Butt Fire Cracker from Aksh.

She was later seen in Episode 305, when Nobibi noted her disappearance. He went on a rescue mission, and thought Kiko was caught by bad Pekoponians. But it turns out Kiko is now working at a company (The same that makes Gundam, and Captain Geroro figures.) And she made Nobibi's design into a model. Kiko was later seen walking back from work, when she saw Nobibi's ship fly, she looked rather surprised.


Nobibi Edit

Nobibi and Kiko are partners. Kiko mentioned Nobibi a lot during the Kero Zero arch, and even thought that Keroro was Nobibi. Kiko and Nobibi did many fun activities together. However during a mision on Pekopon Kiko was left behind. Nobibi worried about his friend, went to Pekopon to try and rescue her, only to find that Kiko was happier on Pekopon and would never forget him.

Keroro Edit

At first Keroro didn't like Kiko, due to her always talking about Nobibi, and the fact that Pekoponians attack your butt. But after getting stuck with Kiko in the cave, he grew to like her, and when she promised to watch over Butt Firecracker, Keroro, along with the rest of his platoon mates (Excluding Tamama, who was holding Aksh) saluted her.

Gallery Edit

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