Kiruru: The Bringer of Destuction, de arimasu
キルル  破滅の使者  であります
Kiruru: Hametsu no Shisha, de arimasu
Season +
Air date September 29, 2006
This episode: Episode 129
Next episode: Episode 130
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Kiruru: The Bringer of Destuction, de arimasufalse
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Kiruru: The Bringer of Destruction, de arimasu (キルル  破滅の使者  であります Kiruru: Hametsu no Shisha, de arimasu) is the 129th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


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  • When Kururu informed Keroro and the others that Keron Army HQ sent their mother ship on Earth, Kururu's hat is missing leaving only naked hat with the headphones.
  • When Kiruru. (Mash) was running away from Kiuru Version X-52 while Keroro and the others also were running away, Dororo's ninja ears were completely white.
  • When Kiruru. (Mash) fall and smashed Keroro before Mois come to save him, Tamama's scleras disappears leaving only pupils out when he is closing eyes
  • During one scene where Keroro turns his brain on to think about the situation about repairing Mash, retreat the invasion, and leave Pekopon, Kiruru. (Mash) disappears when Keroro got nothing to think about.
  • When Keroro goes to the Keron Amy mother ship to talk whlie Giroro is saying what he is going to do, Mois' stripes on the collar are completely white.


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