Kiruru Biotech version
Rogue Kiruru-1
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 230
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian Robot
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Kiruru Biotech version is a Keronian in the Keroro Gunso anime.


Few years ago on Keron authorities were looking for an escaped bio-tech weapon that actually was a Kiruru possibly because keronian scientist were working on a new version of Kiruru, but it had escaped.


This Kiruru popped out and destroyed the base where Kikaka is inside. He is a biotech weapon where one of the bullies mentioned to Kikaka. He is quickly defeated by Kikaka for saving Zeroro's life.


This Kiruru resembles a Kiruru from the first movie, he is dark brown colored and has orange face and body with red sharp eyes. Kiruru also features wearing a pale blue green collar with a red sphere with a middle with a Keron army logo on it.


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