Kiruru version X-52
KG KiruruX-52
First appearance Keroro Episode 129
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian robot
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Kiruru X-52 (キルル X-52 Kiruru Ekesu-52) is the second version of Kiruru. According to the HQ, they're the new version and replacement for the Kiruru..


They were sent to capture and destroy Kiruru. It was eventually infected by Kiruru's powers of indecision.


They look exactly like the first Kiruru, they are mostly black and gray face and underside. They have yellow sclera and green irises. Their symbol is a red X inside the red circle.


Kiruru X-52 can hover in the air and turn their left hand into a sword. They also release X marks to people who has disbelief, ill will, jealouy, etc, in order to turn them hostile against their allies.


  • A Kiruru from the Volume 17 closely resembles the Kiruru version X-52.


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