Kiruru version X-55
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 17 Encounter 127: Battlefield Miracle on 34th Street
Keroro Gunso Episode 243
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian robot
Occupation Robot
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X-5.5 (X-5.5(エックスゴーゴー) Ekkusu Gō Gō, X-55 in the anime) is a more advanced version of Kiruru version X-52.


He was designed from the Keronian headquarters (from Colonel) to serve as a package to deliver a Sumomo plushie during Christmas.


He was first seen battling the Keroro Platoon, after Keroro and co. we're defeated so easily, the Kiruru was quickly smacked by Mois on the head using Hellmaggedon. Kiruru then drops the Sumomo plushie to the platoon.


X-55's appearance is similar to that of the original Kiruru version X-52, except he has an X with red surrounding it as his symbol, and is possibly made from liquid metal and can grow his left arm as a giant knife. His size is twice as or the same size of the Musha Kero robo.


Much like to Kiruru X52, he can fly and can turn his right hand into a sword. He can also raise his right arm (while his right hand is a sword) and release numerous red energy pellets.


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