Kissho Academy in the Anime.


Kissho Academy (吉祥学園 Kisshō Gakuen) is a school located in Musashi (manga) or Inner Tokyo (anime). It's one of the biggest recurring locations in Pekopon in the Keroro Gunso series.

Kissho's Principal

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Kissho's principal is briefly mentioned once in the anime, when the Kissho Academy Newspaper Club accuses him of being an alien in disguise, seemingly without any basis. However, besides that, nothing is known about him[1].



Class 1-B

Class 2-A

Class 2-B


º Former Yotaka Elementary School students



Students who attend Kissho Academy wear uniforms. The design of the uniforms changed throughout the manga's run, although there are some stable characteristics. For summer uniforms, students wear short sleeved white t-shirts, with boy's uniforms ties by neckties while female students sported bows. Female students in the beginning of the manga also sported sleeveless vests over the shirts. For colder months, they wear a blazer, wearing even another coat over it, that's removed when arriving at school, for the actual winter.

Either way, throughout the entire year, female students sport mini-skirts, while male ones pants. They all carry a brown suitcase and they are allowed to bring other things with them to school.

In the anime, the blazers are green and skirts or pants light gray. The bows and neckties being red colored. They wear brown flats and white socks as well.

The Physical Education uniform are darker shorts and a light shirt. In the anime and the beginning of the manga, girls wear bloomer shorts, which are orange colored in the anime, like the accents on their shirts, while boys' uniforms have blue colors. Later in the manga girls sport standard shorts and there doesn't seem to be any color difference compared to the male uniform. During colder months, both boys and girls sport pants in the anime, although the girls' uniform is still orange colored.


Kissho (吉祥 Kisshō) means lucky. The name is likely based on the real Kichijo Girls' Junior & Senior High School (吉祥女子中学校・高等学校 Kichijō joshichuugakkō・kōtōgakkō) located in the actual Musashino City, part of the Tokyo Metropolis. In Keroro's planning phase (Soldier Frog), the main human cast was intended to be female only, which likely influenced the choice of name for the series' main school. Keroro's Kissho uses the same kanji for lucky used by the real Kichijo, although the chosen reading is different.


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