Kero! Kero! Kero!
Let's go through, men! we're the PEKOPON invader
Kekero kero~!
Umbrella having go out day, but it's more hurry

"Attention~, met war good it shit ballet!!!"
I forget to cook rice for rice curry

At the closing door, sandwich caught you be
Jump, ride, however, mis-train
Shine travel is KERON
Ah, cut a folk gut, yes it net, van not oh! kazoo!!!

Pillow! Pillow! Pillow!
Tots get kid were the moving pavement, let's go! go!
Pipillow pillow~!
Sleep early and oversleep and sleep again
"Everybody~, stop-turn, shake hands!!!"
I want to disliked, however beloved

Unnecessary things cut a great bargain
Hot she mono alt, I've no money
She no go no yeah yo! KERON
Ah, coming nearly nut m.o., carks Hey! so, God night

Very very hot this blood and
Fighting spirit in our heart
Endless forever, cut cheese hock au lait
What let lager KERON!
Very very hot this blood and(very very hot this blood)
Fighting spirit in our heart(fighting spirit)

Endless forever, cut cheese hock au lait
It she key ho! she yo
What let lager KERON!

"Everybody~, tomato-cha that May!!!"
"Oh, No~~~......"
"All up!! Tartan kind!!!"

Get up! Get up! Get up!
Tuck rocker, Annie, chorus the shout voice of victory
Getget-up get-up~!
Hurry kit tel, telephone go out, but facsimile

"<HEISEI> is <KERORO the first year> from today!!!"
Square room is clean roundly
Try to tutor two tooters to toot a flute
Toothpaste is it go flavor

KERON is the cosmo-No.1........maybe
Ah, from a station 5 minutes're 15 minutes!!!

So, Roger! Soldier, don't you curl it, son?!!!

Kerokero! Kero!! Kero!!! Kero!!!!

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