Kururu: Cursed DVD de arimasu
クルル 呪いのDVD であります
Season +
Air date August 11, 2006
Screenplay [[Screenplay::Kuniaki Kasahara]] +
Storyboard [[Storyboard::Showa Hishida]] +
Direction [[Direction::Showa Hishida]] +
Animation director [[Animation director::Yumiko Ishii]] +
Animation supervisor [[Animation supervisor::Satoshi Koike]] +
Production assistance [[Production assistance::STMATS]] +
Previous episode: Episode 121
This episode: Episode 122
Kururu: Cursed DVD de arimasu
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Kururu: Cursed DVD de arimasu (クルル 呪いのDVD であります Kururu Norio no DVD de arimasu) is the first part of the 122nd episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.



A bored Keroro plays a cursed Kururu DVD. A tiger horse (a la The Ring) prevents all those who enter the room from leaving and traps them in an eventually shrinking room. Everyone finally escapes through the 2D doorway Keroro made (and reasons out why it would work) and pops out of the TV. However, a still angered Keroro confronts Kururu on his return and accidentaly the video is once again played.


  • The episode title is a parody of the 'cursed videotape' in Ring/The Ring.
  • Even though Kururu is the main star of this episode, he only made a minor role appearance at the end of this episode.


  • During one scene when Giroro open the door, Keroro's scleras disappear leaving only his pupils out.
  • When Natsumi KOed Keroro so much that the ceiling is getting closer and closer, Dororo's hat is completely gray.
  • When Keroro and the others return to the normal world, while they are in the living room, their animation are slightly off, and Dororo's ninja ears are gray.. But this error was corrected and reanimated on DVD release.
  • When Kururu's face turns into a Tiger Horse, while Keroro was shocked about seeing it again, Keroro's mouth wasn't moving and his arms were too off. However, this error was corrected on DVD release and reanimated.

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