Kind alien
The first Kyokuproan shown in the series
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 38–A
Voiced by Space TV Producer
Junichi Sugawara (Japanese)
Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese)
Wordplay name broadcast (station) ( Kyoku)
professional (プロ Puro)
Aliases Alternate spelling in Keroro Gunso Episode 69–A 's credits
Kyokuproans (局プロ星人 Kyokuproseijin)
Gender Only males have been shown
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Kyokuproans (キョクプロ星人 Kyokuproseijin) are known as a friendly alien species, often involved in intergalactic TV, like suggested by their name.


They're small, anthropomorphic and thin, with a large antenna on the top of their heads and a small bang of black hair growing on their forehead, which takes a crescent moon shape when facing them directly. Most of them wear glasses, although at least one of them doesn't.


TvProducerAlien ep069a 02

They're portrayed as a friendly species often interested in media and covering big events. One of them, who was in vacation, is shown quickly picking up a camera to register Keroro's comedic banana peel slip.[1]

In spite of being considered friendly though, they aren't beyond playing tricks or pranks in order to get higher ratings for their TV shows.

They haven't shown any special physical ability. A representative of their species could keep up with Giroro in the beginning of the race for a position in the Chinese Zodiac[2], but he soon was left behind.

Notable membersEdit

Space TV ProducerEdit

A certain Kyoukuproan is an influential figure behind the Space TV, making big decisions regarding its programming. He's famous for the Surprise Hidden Camera (びっくりカメラ Bikkurikamera) show. He worked alongside Sumomo in collaboration with the Keroro Platoon, although even the Keroro Platoon themselves didn't fully know about his plans for the show.[3]


TvProducerAlien ep152 01(Yama-chan)

Yama-chan is the producer of the Yet again! Adplanetic Heaven (出没!アド星ック天国 Shutsubotsu! Adohoshikkutengoku) show which gives a variety of information about various planets through a list of 30 points of interest. Yama-chan asked for Keroro's help regarding information about Pekopon in order to feature a top 30 of locations and people in the show.

Notably, Yama-chan is the only named Kyokuproan, and also the only one that doesn't wear glasses. He also sports a large "P" emblem on his back.[4]


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