Angol Mois Lucifer Sphere (Phone mode)
The Lucifier Spear is an Angolan weapon. Angol Mois uses it to attack with Hellmageddon. Angol Mois disguises it as a common cell phone. She dials 19997 (an allusion to the prophecy about her coming to Earth in the 7th month of 1999) to change the cell phone into the Lucifier Spear.

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The Lucifer Spear is a large staff with a moon on the front and a crescent moon shape on the back. Both have visible craters. Mois's Lucifer spear alternates from a pale yellow to a golden yellow. While Angol Tia's is a pure black moon with a dagger like end.

Angol Mois's Lucifer Spear is able to change into a small cell phone. The phone is light green and gray and has some charms which are: A star, a purple planet that looks like Saturn, a long pink bracelet and a yellow moon just like her spear. The wallpaper is always seen as Keroro.

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