Magellan Retriever
Andromedian retriever
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 140
Keroro Gunso Episode 282-A
Aliases Space Combat Dog
Gender Male/Female
Species / Type Magellan Retriever
Occupation Guard Dog
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Magellan Retrievers (マゼラン・レトリバー Mazeran Retoribā) are space guard dogs from the Keroro Gunso Franchise.

Character Edit

Magellan Retrievers are similar in appearance though much larger than Andromedian Huskies. Despite having a similar name to Pekopon's Golden Retriever, the Andromedian Retriever is very aggressive. Although it's known as a guard dog, it's infamous for biting its own owners. It's popular among more ruthless invaders.

Momoka is really strong

Chibi Momoka stopping the Magellan Retrevier

A Magellan Retriever Puppy was used by the Grand Star to guard its agricultural area. Tamama sneaked in to get unauthorized food and laughed at its diminutive size, only to be attacked by it.[1].
Magellan Retriever ep282b 03

The Magellan Retriever seen in the Grand Star

An adult Magellan Retriever was the reason Tamama and Momoka met each other. The Retriever was sent by an alien race that targed the Keronians after destroying their main ship. Eventually Tamama and the Retriever clashed in the middle of Momoka's birthday party, with their combat making Momoka notice Tamama's presence. Afterwards Momoka attacked it to rescue Tamama, with both beating it together[2].

Etymology Edit

Golden Retrievers are a popular breed of hunting or guide dogs. Magellan comes from the name of a robotic space probe launched by NASA in 1989.

References Edit

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