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First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 320–A
Voiced by Shigeru Nakahara (Japanese)
Gender Male
Species / Type Pekoponian Android
Occupation Invader
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Makoto (マコト) is a character in the Keroro Gunso anime. Makoto is introduced as part of the singing and dancing idol invader unit, Operation Maru-Otsu (〇乙). However, he's actually an android remote controlled by Dororo.


Makoto is Dororo, and in spite of some hesitation, he attempts to follow the disguise. He avoids his ancient Japanese speech terms like "de gozaru" and sessha, an archaic male form of "I". Although initially pondering by himself, he happily joins the others once Natsumi acknowledges him.


Kururu researched tastes of Pekoponian girls and created 5 androids that fit their preferences.Dororo controls Makoto using the Invasion Substitute System through a special control room and full body suit hidden inside the Keroro Platon Headquarters.

In episode 320, the platoon invade using the android suits, only to be surprised when Natsumi Hinata easily bows down to them with little resistance. Dororo initially has some misgivings about the operation, but when Natsumi notices Makoto sitting by himself alone and calls him to join the others, he's immediately cheered up and plays along with it afterwards.

Eventually, the second phase of the plan is put into action. Shun and his friends tell Natsumi and their manager has been challenged by a Pekoponian Rare Beast Hunter and will go on a long marathon due to that. Without him, they have no place to stay. Quickly, she shows the headquarters of the Keroro Platoon to them, and tell them they can stay there since there's no one there. Reiji protests, saying that someone must live there. However, Natsumi calls Keroro and the others worthless garbage, before saying that she'd easily let the idols invade.

Furious with his behavior, Akira and the others break character and accidentally drop a false wall, revealing their hidden command chambers where the Keroro Platoon actually were hidden. They accuse her of letting anyone invade if they're hot, but in response Natsumi just furiously beats them up.


  • All the Operation 〇乙 members are based on Gundam Wing characters. Makoto's appearance is based on Trowa Burton.


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