The 1st volume of the Keroro Gunso manga series by Mine Yoshizaki.


After Sgt. Keroro blew his cover and lost his top-secret weapon, the frog-like alien has been cut off from the homeworld. To make matters worse, he's lost communications with the rest of his platoon. Now he has taken cover in the Hinata family household, where in exchange for doing his share of the chores, he gets his own room from which to secretly devise new plans of world domination!

Featuring Keroro on the cover, this is the 1st volume of the popular Keroro Gunso manga series.


  • Encounter I: Enter The Sergeant
  • Encounter II: An Audience with General Mom
  • Encounter III: Me, Myself, and Momoko
  • Encounter IV: The Sarge's Quarters - Invasion from Within!
  • Encounter V: Cohabitation of the Third Kind
  • Encounter VI: Alien Observational Journal
  • Encounter 6.5: (6.5 Haunted Houseguest)
  • Encounter VII: Carnage in the Storm
  • Encounter VIII: Momoko's South Seas Operation
  • Encounter IX: Extended Shore Leave
  • Encounter X: Behold the Lord of Terror! Apocalypse Now!
  • Bonus: Sergeant Frog Unveiled the Monster Files: 01


New Characters:


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