Maronians (マロン人 Maronjin) are a species in Keroro Gunso, featured in the 2nd Keroro Gunso movie.


Maronians are the third known species with reptilian/amphibian-like appearance similar to the other two species, Keronians and Axolotlians. They share similar traits to Keronians such as, having advanced technology, such as Meru's super-weapon, the Mare Ball, resembling the Keron Army's main super-weapon, the Kero Ball. The Mare Ball is able to shape-shift into any kind of weapon (ex. a laser gun and a sword), and is  capable of creating robot-like sea creatures, known as Nightmares. It can also look into memories and create entire worlds based off memories.


Maronians used to be invaders a long time ago, but they have since stopped. Kururu stated that most Keronians learned about them in history class. Maronians take over planets by marrying a female native then flooding the planet until it is fully covered in water.

Kururu has also stated that Meru and Maru have forgotten about who they are and their mission after they were separated/driven away with their spaceship by the other Maronians during their invasion of Pekopon, and they had landed in the Pacific Ocean.

Currently, the only Maronians known are Maru and Meru, appearing in the second movie, and Miroro, introduced in the manga.

Appearances and Gender DifferencesEdit

Maronians look almost identical Keronians. They are sea lizard-like creatures. They have sharp flaps protruding from their heads and their eyes are large and narrow.

The female Maronians have lighter colored skin than the males and they have short horns on their heads, while the male's horn is longer and pointed. The female's eyes are slightly more round then the male's much sharper eyes. The point on the lighter part of the female's face is curved, while males are much more pointed. While most Maronians have dorsal fins on their arms and legs, some Maronians don't have them like Miroro. Unlike the symbols on a Keronian's cap, which are mainly different and varied, Maronian's emblems appear to be the same, Miroro's being the only exception seeing as she isn't a "real" Maronian.

Most female Maronians wear sleeveless dresses that end above the knee, both genders of Maronians can wear jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets.


Despite their child-like traits, they are very extremely skillful in combat and can take out opponents larger than them. Maronians are extremely skilled in water, and thrive the most in water. They are skilled swimmers and breathe in underwater like the Keronians, and they also have the ability to hover in the air.


  • All three Maronians's names start with the letter "M".


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