Mechaniwettle King 2
Mechaniwettle King 2
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 166
Voiced by Daiki Nakamura (Japanese)
Aliases Mechaniwet King 2
Gender N/A, Slug
Occupation Robot Fighter
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Mechaniwettle King 2 (メカニウェットルキング Mekaniuettoru Kinggu) was the successor of Mechaniwettle King and the second robotic version of the original Wettle King. In truth, he is actually a slug modified into human size by Kururu that encased inside a metallic suit while his actions being controlled by Keroro.


Based on Mechaniwettle King's failure to attack Natsumi, Kururu invented another Mechaniwettle King with it's slimy and humid surface based on a real life slug.

After they materialized a stage set, Natsumi and Fuyuki discovered themselves in a moon/asteroid-like planet with a minicar approach and Keroro shouts "Wettle Fight, Two Dash!", transforming him into Mechaniwettle King 2. The robot's slimy structure was enough to scare Natsumi until Giroro provide her with a helmet that armed her with a powered exosuit with cannons on her waist. In the heat of the battle, when Natsumi accidentally damaged several parts of the stage, Mechaniwettle King suddenly stopped and witnessing a flower in a vase (which was his home during his time as a normal slug) dropped, causing him to engulfed in a bright light and reveal his true form: a human-sized slug. Out of his anger at the loss of his home, he grew into the size of the living room, capturing the Keroro Platoons and Natsumi until Fuyuki and Angol Mois summon the real Wettle King. Wettle finally repaired his house and shrink the giant slug to its original size.


Just like his predecessor, Mechaniwettle King 2 resembles Wettle King with silver color schemes and copper bands on his thighs and arms.


As demonstrated earlier, Mechaniwettle King 2 can transform himself into a minicar prop, later revert to his robot mode via Keroro's command "Wettle Fight, Two Dash!". Keroro commands him as a motion pilot, moving based on Keroro's movements. He can launch his fists, but the strength used is weaker much like Wettle King in his first appearance. However, his whole body is covered with a slime and humidity, since he was actually a modified slug encased in a robotic suit.


Being a successor of Mechaniwettle King, he is likely a resemblance to Jumborg-9 from Jumborg Ace.


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