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First appearance Keroro Land Volume 11

Keroro Gunso Episode 161

Voiced by Chō (Japanese)
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Puppeteer, Member of the Shurara Corps
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Mekeke (メケケ) is a character in Keroro Gunso and Keroro Land. He is a member of the Shurara Corps.


Mekeke is one of the overzealous killers part of the Shurara Corps. In his anime debut, he teams up with Putata to capture Keroro's Keron Star.


Mekeke was first shown as a silhouette when Shurara, was talking about the Keroro Platoon. He later appeared in episode 161 with Putata, both being sent as the first members to obtain the Keron Star. While he didn't appear with Putata in front of The Hinata's House, he did manage to sneak into the base, controlling a puppet when the real him was invisible for the whole of the episode. He managed to capture Kururu, Natsumi, Fuyuki and Aki Hinata and he moved them like actually puppets. He was later revealed in the end when Mutsumi Saburo, started to spray red paint across the room.


Mekeke is a teal Keronian with gold eyes. But when he made his first appearance, he was invisible. When exposed to paint, Mekeke appeared to wear a crossed eye patch, a large, sleeveless shirt, and floppy ears. His symbol is a white circle with a blue cross. His puppet has large, blond side burns, the crossed eye patch, eye cross, four arms equipped with blades, and a puppeteer cross. His speech consists of ending his sentences with de - ansu.


Mekeke's puppet wields a series of blades. Mekeke is apparently in a state of perceptual invisibility. He can manipulate anyone who is exposed to his puppet strings. His puppet uses its puppeteer cross to levitate. He can also run backwards.


  • Mekeke's Puppet is the actual Orikero and not Mekeke himself. That might mean Mekeke himself is created by Mine Yoshizaki.
  • Mekeke's creators name is "須永貴仁-くん" ("Sunaga Takahito-kun") from the Art submission.
  • Mekeke was an orphan.
  • Mekeke is most likely a reference to Kankurou, a character from the Naruto Series that uses puppets.


  • Putata -Putata and Mekeke are partners in the anime. They try to get the Keron Star in episode 161. It is said by fans that Putata and Mekeke were friends long before the Shurara Corps.