Miroro 01.jpg
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 20
Gender Female
Species / Type Artficial Keronian
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Miroro (ミロロ Miroro) is a character in the manga, appearing in its version of the story of the movie Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 2: The Deep Sea Princess de arimasu!.


She is the user interface of a KiruMiran system, alongside a Kiruru named "Kiruru X02". Essentially, she's a counterpart of Mirara and Miruru in regards to their respective Kirurus. Kiruru X02's real power, able to terraform an entire world and even change its creatures, can only be used in conjunction with Miroro's authorization.

Unlike the other Keronian interfaces, her hat is molded like part of her head, similar to the Kirurus, and when added to a horn in the center she ends up resembling a Maronian. In spite of that, she speaks in Keronian rather than Maronian, which caused some frustration to Maru.

Miroro appears when Meru and Maru are about to activate Kiruru X02's full power in an attempt to change Earth into an underwater planet, alongside all adapting all surface dwelling creatures to living underwater, in order to allow them to take control of the planet. She needed the agreement of the invader and an Earth-born person, and Natsumi was the one chosen, and mind controlled, for that. However, in spite of acquiring Miroro's authorization, the system soon cut-off once Meru bonded with Kiruru X02.

The fused Kiruru went berserker. Miroro notices that they probably lost control because Meru isn't a Keronian, but due to Kiruru going out of control there was nothing she could do anymore but watch, although the situation ends up solved with the help of Fuyuki Hinata and Keroro, who uses the absolute command authority of the Keron Star to make Kiruru stop. Miroro shows surprise at the Keron Star's power, remarking it wasn't in her database.


Miroro's face physically resembles Maru but with pink skin. Unlike a Maronian, she does not possess dorsal-like fins on her wrists and limbs. She sports a star accessory on her helmet and her mark is diamond shaped. She wears a magenta flared dress with frills and a green bracelet on her right wrist.

Miroro's color scheme was not shown in the actual published manga, but there's colored concept art for her.



  • Miroro likely existed in the anime continuity, but due to Meru defeating the second Kiruru with the power of his Mare Ball, and also using it for his invasion plan, there was never any need of attempting to interact and take over Kiruru X02's systems, so she never awakened, unlike the interfaces of the other two ancient Kirurus.
  • The Kirumiran interfaces have the following shapes as their symbols: Miroro's symbol is a diamond, Mirara's symbol is a circle, and Miruru's symbol is an inverted triangle.
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