Rei and Moguko
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 81
Age 13-14
Gender Female
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation Student
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Moguko (モグコ) is a character from the Keroro Gunso franchise.

Appearance Edit

Moguko is a fair skinned, short girl with brown hair kept in a high ponytail held in by yellow beads. She has dark gray eyes and light freckles dusting her face.


Rie ImogoEdit

Moguko looks upon Rie highly, Natsumi even calling her Rie's pet. Moguko follows Rie in every way, if Rie hates something, she will hate it as well and if she likes something, she will as well. They are also in the same class, 2-B.

Etymology Edit

Moguko's name could come from Mogu (もぐ To pick) and Ko ( child) which translates to "Child to pick".

Gallery Edit

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