Momoka: Ghost Operation, de arimasu
桃華 ひゅ〜どろ南海大作戦
Momoka: Hyu~doro Nankai Daisakusen, de arimasu
Season +
English Funimation anime title Operation: Ghost Kiss-perer!
Air date May 8, 2004
Screenplay Mamiko Ikeda +
Storyboard Jiro Nakamura +
Direction Yuki Nanoka +
Animation director Makoto Koga +
Animation supervisor Fumitoshi Oizaki +
Production assistance Nomad +
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Momoka: Ghost Operation, de arimasutrue
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Momoka: Ghost Operation, de arimasu (桃華 ひゅ〜どろ南海大作戦 であります Momoka: Hyu~doro Nankai Daisakusen, de arimasu, Momoka: Whistle-Robber Big Plan, de arimasu, lit. Momoka: Big Ghost Southern Sea Plan) is the second part of the 6th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso. Its english title, "Ghost Kiss-perer", is parodied from that of Ghost Whisperer


Momoka decides that a test of courage in the island will get Fuyuki to like her. Momoka was about to confess her true feelings to Fuyuki, but was interrupted when a space octopus runs away from Keroro and Tamama. Momoka is not aware that the next operation has already begun though. The plan is for Paul to have a mask on, and then pop out of nowhere with a chainsaw, without anyone noticing him, Momoka would pretend to be scared and cling on to Fuyuki's arm, to get her first kiss. Will Momoka finally get her first kiss from Fuyuki with her Ghost Operation?

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