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Voiced by Mamiko Noto, Haruna Ikezawa, Chiwa Saitō, Ryō Hirohashi
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In Keroro Gunso, MorePeachSummer (モアピーチサマー Moapīchisamā), sometimes MorePeachSummerSnow (モアピーチサマースノー Moapīchisamāsunō), is a vocal group.

The name is derived from each of the girls' names. "Moa" is the Japanese pronunciation of Mois' name, but can also be the Japanese pronunciation of the word "more." The "momo" in Momoka's name means "peach" in Japanese; likewise, the "natsu" in Natsumi's name means "summer" in Japanese. Last, the "yuki" in Koyuki's name means "snow" in Japanese.

MorePeachSummer's Clue before the robbing


MorePeachSummer (モアピーチサマー MoaPīchiSamā) is composed of Angol Mois, Momoka Nishizawa, and Natsumi Hinata. In their debut as a group, they tried to steal a painting of Momoka as a naked baby.

In a way it seems odd that Koyuki's "Snow" was not included in the team name as she was featured at the end of the episode and was a deciding factor in MorePeachSummer's escape, appearing in a hot air balloon and telling the others to jump out the window with the painting.



More Peach Summer Snow

MorePeachSummerSnow sings.

MorePeachSummerSnow (モアピーチサマースノー MoaPīchiSamāSunō) is composed of the original members of MorePeachSummer and Koyuki Azumaya. With the help of Dance Man, they drove away Dasonu Maso. They later teamed up again to steal back a box of chocolate 556

mistakenly took.

MorePeachSummerSnow and Pururu

MorePeachSummerSnow and Pururu (モアピーチサマースノーアンドプルル MoaPīchiSamāSunō ando Pururu) is composed of the original members of MorePeachSummerSnow and Pururu. All five girls fought for the "Toramon Ball" that can grant your wish at episode 201.

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