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| color text = brown
| color text = brown
| gender = Female
| gender = Female
| species = Alien
| species = [[Tarabasawa]] Alien
| first = Episode 114
| first = Episode 114

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Mulou Cunningham
First appearance Episode 114
Gender Female
Species / Type Tarabasawa Alien
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Mulou Cunningham is a character in Keroro Gunso.


Mulou first debut alongside with her brother, Oro in their space robot to take revenge on Ukee (Giroro as a mistake).


Mulou is a fair skin colored alien wearing a pink crab suit.


Unlike her brother, Mulou has a kind personality and timid.


Oro Cunningham - Oro is Mulou's brother.

Rao Cunningham - Rao is Oro and Mulou's father.

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