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Myou Kaneami
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 22 Encounter 184
Keroro File 009
Voiced by Ai Kayano (Japanese)
Age 11
Gender Female
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation Student
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Myou Kaneami (金阿弥 明 Kaneami Myou) is a character in the Keroro Gunso franchise. She is the newest protagonist alongside Tomosu Hinohara and Shin Keroro.


Myou is a mysterious girl, who is also Tomosu's classmate. She usually keeps her golden eye closed, but opens it when she needs to use her mysterious abilities. She is also a member of the Junior High Occult Club.


Myou before the accident

Myou before getting her gold eye.

Myou is a young girl with short white hair and a shade of black on top. On the sides of her head are cat-like accessories that are black, yellow, and purple. She wears a black short sleeved shirt with a high collar with a yellow ribbon on her back, attaching the collar and her sleeves appears to be folded, revealing to be purple-colored gaining a yellow outline, below her shirt is a very short white skirt. She also wears long blue tights and short black boots that match her shirt's color scheme and cat-like accessories. Myou appears to be heterochromatic, with one indigo colored eye on the left and gold on the right. Her right eye is usually tightly shut and it glows when opened.

Before she got her golden eye, Myou had two violet eyes, and she wore a frilly white shirt with a star pin in the middle near her neck, she also was carrying a suitcase.

Characteristics Edit

  • Height = 140 cms (4'6")
  • Weight = 31 kgs (68 lbs)


She first appeared in the chapter, "The Mysterious Keronian Attacks?", and again in the chapter, "An Ancient Power", where she help Shin Keroro defeat Black★Star. Her first formal appearance was when Tomosu Hinohara brings her along with him to Fuyuki's house. It is here that we learn how Myou got her powers. She was abducted by aliens, who implanted a chip into her eye.


Myou's profile states, 'She is very cute although suspicious in existence, with a mysterious atmosphere drifting. (Perhaps around her).'

Myou is very mysterious, but she is very friendly around others, such as when she invites herself over to Fuyuki Hinata's house with Tomosu. She is very calm, yet headstrong due to the decisions she will make, she appears to be all knowing, such as when she predicts Shin Keroro's landing in her first animated appearance. She doesn't seem to get embarrassed easily, and even when she is frightened she tends to hide it.

In the manga, initially she's willing to help the Keroro Platoon invade, making invasion weapons activate by themselves and even boosting Keroro's abilities with her eye. However, once Tomosu asks her to stop doing that, she immediately drops it all.


Shin KeroroEdit

She seems to be connected to him in a strange manner, her gold eye was able to help him when he had been thrown to the ground. Though they see each other as friends none the less.

Tomosu HinoharaEdit

Tomosu and Myou together

Tomosu is Myou's classmate. She usually joins Tomosu, and Fuyuki in talking about paranormal stuff, meaning that Tomosu and her are friends. Despite this, Tomosu, himself, at first seemed embarrassed by her, but it appears he has grown to accept her weird ways. Myou sees Tomosu as a friend, even giving him a valentine despite harboring no romantic interest in him whatsoever. She also stops trying to help the Keroro Platoon invade when Tomosu asks her not to.

Natsumi Hinata Edit

Myou and Natsumi see each other as friends. During episode 10 in Keroro, Natsumi and Myou were partnered up, and they went through many embarrassing challenges. One challenge shown was Natsumi and Myou dancing, Natsumi seemed flustered, but Myou was shown smiling.

Keroro being affected by the gold eye

Keroro with a Golden eye.

Keroro Edit

Myou and Keroro don't interact much, though it appears Myou can infuse her golden eye into Keroro to create Runaway Keroro, a rambunctious form of Keroro. She and Keroro appear to get along just fine.

Etymology Edit

Myou's name most likely spawns from the Japanese word Myō (妙) which means strange in English. Her last name, Kaneami, spawns from Kane (金) which means gold- referencing her gold eye.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Volume 23 of the manga, she is one of the few people are surprisingly not affected by Black★Star's ability to stop time.
  • When Myou is transformed into a baby she speaks in a muffled tone, due to the pacifier in her mouth. However when she and Natsumi change back Myou still speaks in a muffled tone, despite the pacifier having disappeared.
  • In Myou's concept art she had long sleeves, however in her official art she has short sleeves.


Myou has candy for the kiddies
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