Nagomi covering his face with a fan.
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 135
Wordplay name 753
Gender Male
Species / Type Alien Humanoid
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Nagomi (なごみ) is an alien that lives on Keron.

Keronians often come to him and pray for the well-being of children. His face changes depending on what emotions he is feeling (Although he often covers his face with a fan), and he communicates through laughter.


Nagomi's happy face

Nagomi's usual face.

He first appeared angry at Karara and Chiroro, whom he started chasing. The girls begged the Keroro Platoon for help to try to cheer and calm down Nagomi, but they failed easily due to clumsiness and other dilemmas. So their last plan is to tell the jokes to make Nagomi laugh, but despite this, they still fail due to lack of sense of humor. Nagomi feels enraged and more aggressive as he grows larger and begins to destroy Pekopon. The Keroro Platoon find out that the girls stole the stick Nagomi always holds. So Karara and Chiroro cry, apologize and beg him for forgiveness. However, the girls accidentally bumped each other as the Keroro Platoon and co. laugh, surprisingly Nagomi laughs too and he successfully turned back to normal and thus, he watches Karara fell in love with Keroro.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 135 of Keroro Gunso, Keroro had to ask Lavie to translate for them. This may mean that Nagomi-san is the same human-like species as Kogoro (556) and Lavie .
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