Natsumi: the Good Dog Na-chi, de arimasu
Natsumi: Meiken Natchī, de arimasu
夏美  名犬ナッチー  であります
Season +
Air date March 3, 2006
Production assistance Plum +
Previous episode: Episode 98
This episode: Episode 99
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Natsumi: the Good Dog Na-chi, de arimasufalse
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Natsumi: the Good Dog Na-chi, de arimasu (夏美  名犬ナッチー  であります Natsumi: Meiken Natchī, de arimasu) is the first part of the 99th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.




  • Kururu, Tamama, Dororo and Mois don't appear in this episode.
    Natsumi and Saburo in 99a

    The scene from this episode in the Italian version was censored due to sexual content.

  • In the Italian dub, the scene of Natsumi eating dog food as a dog is cut out due to the scene where she eats dog food while Saburo is blocking Keroro's way to take a shot on Natsumi. It was censored because everyone thought this scene had a very sexual reference.


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