Nobibi Was Here! de arimasu
ノビビ が来た! であります
Nobibi: ga Kita! de arimasu
Season +
Air date March 13, 2010
Screenplay Masahiro Yokotani +
Previous episode: Episode 304
This episode: Episode 305
Nobibi Was Here! de arimasu
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Nobibi Was Here! de arimasufalse
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Nobibi Was Here! de arimasu (ノビビ が来た! であります Nobibi: ga Kita! de arimasu) is the 305th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.


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A meteorite crashes down onto Pekopon in the Kyushu Province in Japan. Fuyuki is watching TV and he wishes to find it with Keroro. Keroro, however, states that he is busy. Outside, a figure is shown walking in the rain, when they ring on the doorbell, once Keroro and Fuyuki answer it the figure reveals themself as Nobibi. Nobibi satates that he is looking for Kiko, who went missing after landing on Pekopon. While searching for Kiko, Nobibi learns of Earth's culture and the Keroro Platoon recall good memories. Upon discovering the cave Kiko crash-landed in, they see that she isn't inside of said cave.


  • This is Nobibi's first appearance in person, he was mentioned by Kiko in some Kero Zero episodes, though.
  • This episode shows that the blob named Ketsubakuchiku came from that five-eyed monster that attacks Keron. It was a fragment from that monster.
  • Nobibi is based of Nobita, a character from Doraemon series.
  • This is the last episode to include Tamama's Tamama Impact in his old design, which was used from Season 1 to Season 6.
  • Natsumi is absent in this episode.
  • Keroro narrates the preview for the next episode.


  • When the blob was trasnforming into the scarecrow Keroro disguised himself in the past, the scarecrow doesn't appear for one frame, but in the preview, it does appear, actually.
  • During Nobibi's flashback, the yellow Keronian who is crying has his face completely yellow, while he should have half of it in white as the kid, not the adult.
  • When Nobibi was late and yelling at Keroro, his tooth disappears for a few frames.
  • When Keroro stops Nobibi and while Giroro and Tamama were holding him, Tamama's face is completely white, expect his eyes.
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