Oro Cunningham
Ora being anger
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 114
Gender Male
Species / Type Tarabasawa Alien
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Oro Cunningham (Pronounce as Oro Kaninggum in Japanese romanji) is a character in Keroro Gunso.


Oro Cunningham first appeared alongside with his sister, Mulou, in their space robot to take revenge on Ukee (Giroro as a mistake), Keroro wants money if he wants to help the two to hunt Ukee and arrest him, Oro paid Keroro some money to help their task. Giroro helped and trained him so he can fight Ukee to obtain his revenge, but Oro was just actually want to challenge Space Rock-Paper-Scissors with Ukee to win for his father, for Keroro Platoon wasn't seem to expect this.


Oro is a fair skin colored alien wearing a yellow crab suit with a green handbag.


Oro is quite stubborn, reckless, arrogant, and confident. But he always work with his sister to hunt Ukee.


Mulou Cunningham - Mulou is Oro's sister.

Rao Cunningham - Rao is Oro and Mulou's father.


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